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Nowadays our actions have an impact in the surrounding environment.

SolarOnergy SpA was established in 2009 to advance solar photovoltaic (PV) and other renewable energy utilisation in Italy.  The company has assembled a team of experienced entrepreneurs and renewable energy professionals in order to design, develop, and manage grid-connected solar photovoltaic installations, on a turn-key basis, for investors and also for its own portfolio.

SolarOnergy’s approach to its business is driven by the concept that industrial and commercial activities should not be in conflict with protection of the environment team. Renewable energy and solar energy projects in particular are a perfect real-life example of how ‘going green’ can not only be beneficial to the environment but also have a positive effect on the profit and loss. While much of SolarOnergy’s focus has been in the micro-utility sector in Southern Italy, it has also developed expertise in the design and construction and operation of building mounted installations throughout Italy.

The Italian government mandated FEED IN TARIFFS, (FITs), make investments in solar energy in Italy an attractive option for commercial and industrial building owners as well as third-party investors. The conscientious care and the strong responsibility we have towards the environment and the wildlife reserve around us that are not endless are our primary goal and what we want to pursue.